Once Upon a Time...

there lived a chubby princess. She lived in a tower with her two wolves, and spent her days spinning and singing. She dreamt of the day when a dashing knight would whisk her away to a distant land. To a land that was warm, and a home that was cozy and full of love.

This princess happened upon a suitor or two or three while she was waiting. Remembering her third cousin Tiana had kissed a frog and scored an enchanted prince, the chubby princess decided to give it a whirl. She kissed a few frogs, and a few more, and even a few more after that, but sadly frogs they all remained. One even turned into a snake, but that's another story.

At last one lovely autumn day, she met a Space Ranger. True, he wasn't a prince, but charming, funny, and cute nonetheless.

End of Chapter 1.

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