One Year Anniversary of our Disney Wedding!

On December 3, 2012, we celebrated our first year as a married couple.  We had an amazing year, and took advantage of our Wedding Annual Passes to get to WDW as often as possible.  It was quite an adventure!  But now that we drank the runDisney kool-aid, we see it is only the beginning...

First year means a Paper anniversary, so what does a Disney-loving couple do?
DisneyGroom’s gift from me was a framed stock certificate. (This is a sample – not the actual one.)

I opted for the black frame and the plaque at the bottom reads:
You made me a Disney Princess
So I’m giving you the Magic Kingdom
Happy First Anniversary! 12.3.12
*To Infinity and Beyond*

I ordered this gift from  Because there is a process to purchasing and registering the share, I was worried about how long it would take.  So I placed my order four months in advance.  It only took about 8 weeks to get to me, then I had to hide the certificate until our actual anniversary.  Be vigilant of your mailbox if you do this though and you want this to remain a surprise.   ‘Shareholder’ correspondence began to arrive from Disney Corporation even before the certificate did.  He did see one piece of mail before I got to it, and kept asking me – why did they send this tax information?  I told him to not ask questions, so the surprise was spoiled to some extent.  He did really like his gift though!
I also found a cute Mickey Mouse tie at Magic Kingdom Emporium.  It has garnet/gold stripes – for DisneyGroom's alma mater, FSU.

His gift to me was a 28” x 22” giclĂ©e from Disney Fine Art, beautifully matted and framed.  The piece is titled: “Mickey & Minnie Back to Back”, from the talented Michelle St. Laurent.  On the card, he wrote about how we always have each other’s back.  Pretty sweet, huh?  I love artwork, and have it hanging all over the house, but this is my first real piece of Disney art, and it is HUGE. So I loves it!

It was a workday, but at lunch I got a call from the front desk.  I received poinsettias for my office(featured prominently in many of our wedding photos).   I also got a bouquet of balloons, which includes several hearts and Tinkerbell.  In lieu of a balloon weight, he anchored them with a Sleeping Beauty jigsaw puzzle.  (It is cheesy – I know – but I like puzzles.) 

That evening we went out for a wonderful meal that required bibs and drawn butter - my favorite kind of meal.  And we laughed so much we annoyed the other patrons.

The cake tradition:
The amazing ladies from Disney Fairy Tale Weddings had arranged to save the top of our cake.  Since we were staying on property before, during, and after the wedding and the castmembers knew what to do, it was pretty simple.  The top of our cake was kept frozen by the resort until the date of our checkout.  Our honeymoon was ten days at WDW, so we enjoyed our trip, and we picked up the cake the day we were leaving.  Then it rode back home with us, and was promptly stuck into the freezer. 
This is what our cake top looked like on our wedding day.

This is what it looked like after being in our freezer for one year, minus Buzz and Aurora.  (It was stored on its side for space issues.)

Sad looking: Yes. But how did it taste?

I am not a fan of cake really.  Sounds weird, but even as a kid, I never ate my own birthday cake – I just sliced it up and handed it to my guests.  People tend to get very excited and fixated on their own plates I’ve observed.  Over the years, at office parties and such, I doubt anyone even noticed that I never ate cake. 

But this was different.  I was actually very excited by my wedding cake.  Our cake had three tiers, and each tier had a different flavor and filling. I remember on my wedding day getting chocolate, I think DisneyGroom got vanilla.
The top however, was almond cake with marzipan ganache!  SWOON!  I’m crazy about almond – everything:  soap, shampoo, the plain raw nuts, you name it… but I go especially crazy for marzipan.  This cake was absolutely perfect.   It was six inches around and about five inches tall – yes, it was a LOT of cake for two people.  I’m not ashamed to say that I ate a little bit everyday of the year old cake, for the remainder of the week.   
Sorry I’m not posting too often.  Even this anniversary post is a week late.  It’s been a whirlwind for us both!  Between holiday travel, squeezing in a final* day at WDW, and work stuff it’s been busy busy busy.  We officially joined our local running club,, and have gotten involved in a few races and events already.  I came down with a cold that has been dragging on nearly a week, plus the Princess Training Rollercoaster continues.  And I got a pretty cool bit of fitness-related news on Fri, December 7th that is worthy of its own post.  That will be coming soon. J

*Not final as in we will never go again, final as in – the last visit before our Wedding Annual passes expired on Dec. 1. But despite the travel concerns, we are looking into renewing.


Aww happy first anniversary!! I LOVE your cake topper - what a wonderful idea!! Hope you enjoyed your special day to the fullest.


Thanks! We debated more traditional cake toppers - but this wacky combination really fits who we are, and ended up defining our theme. :)


I also nominated you for a Liebster - here's the link to check it out!


Happy anniversary! Love your cake topper. I went to a wedding in that same spot those Disney folks know how to make the day magical! :-)


Thanks for the great post – so many starting blogs seems to have great fresh content for a month or two and then nothing.. It sounds easy but hitting that wall can really cause you to lose interest.

I think #1 is the best – it’s so easy to focus on results..and then just wait for them to happen.
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