DisneyGroom Breaks his Silence

DisneyBride suggested I break up my initial incoherent ramblings into smaller pieces.  Here is the 1st installment.
Since this a couple’s blog, I guess it is time that I chime in.  Since the days when she was DisneyGirlfriend, I have been bugging DisneyBride for an outdoor activity that we could do together.  After about 1 year and 9 months of trying to find that activity, last September she convinced me to do the Princess Half Marathon.  I did fight the idea at first; the idea of running with a bib that says “Princess” doesn’t really appeal to me.  

I was (still am) overweight, very slow, not a distance runner, or a runner period.  However, running has given us that activity, and Disney Bride has even been suggesting going to state parks for trail runs. (The first time this happened I may or may not have surreptitiously sprinkled some holy water on her - just to make sure this was REALLY my wife.)
We will both be running our first half marathon in a few weeks.  Long runs and lengthy workouts have taken their toll on our bodies.  We have both cursed the training and had doubts about race day performance.  It seems like each week we take turns being the one to trick  bribe  blackmail motivate the other to go out and complete the training runs. 
On the bright side, we have both physically benefited from the training.  DisneyBride is looking hotter every day (How youuu doin?).  Also, as of this week I am closing in on an amazing/scary milestone; in the last 16 months - losing 60lbs (that’s 640 Oreos, or J-Lo’s butt times 3- if you trust Google). 
Training for the half has introduced me to many things I never would have imagined.  Who would have thought that one needs to eat while running?  Silly me, I thought you ran so that you could justify the huge post-run meal.   I have experienced chafing in places I had never considered possible.  Don’t worry, I won’t elaborate or post pictures.  Purchasing running-specific clothing and shoes; I had always run in basketball shoes in the past.  Finally, when thinking about vacations, we discuss the possibility of doing a race at the same time.  Why would any sane person interrupt eating and sleeping in with a long run?     
We have made many new running friends either at work, on Facebook, and twitter.  I never thought that I would enter and run a 13.1 mile race, or consider doing even longer distances. (I have decided that I will attempt Goofy in 2014).  RunDisney has made it easy to enjoy Disney and running together, and I look forward to many more years of Running Happily Ever After with DisneyBride.

Look for both of us at the Princess Half Marathon.  I will be in a black tuxedo tech shirt that has DisneyGroom written across the back. Disney Bride will have some sort of a white shirt dress looking thing on (DB's edit:  white sparkle skirt, white tech top, bride mouse ears fascinator) that will have DisneyBride printed on the back.
I hope you are all successful in your race regardless of what you are running for.  Me, I will be running for bacon, and to build up an appetite for our reservations at 'Ohana. 

Just 26 days to go!   


I'll be at the Princess Half as well. Just so you know - runDisney races are addictive. 34 and counting :)!


Keep an eye out for us! This will be our third - but the addiction took hold after our first runDisney race!


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