Welcome 2013!

Just a brief post to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Last year I began running again, and this year, I've got big goals on the horizon.

Today is also my birthday and I have to share this amazing cake my wonderful DG got me.

Yes it says, 41.  Because, you are never too old for a Princess cake. :)

I also got a birthday phone call from Mickey Mouse.  He asked how old I was and sang me a birthday song. 

I couldn't be at WDW this birthday - I was there last year for New Years and it was AMAZE-BALLS! But I plan to celebrate in style next week at Marathon Weekend.  Am super excited about the many meetups, the 5K, and also volunteering.

I'm trying something new:  I'll be creating a desktop wallpaper calendar each month from a photo I've taken at the Parks.  Here is the first offering.  This is from a window on Main Street USA, and in honor of my sister - her favorite princess is Pocahontas.  I hope you enjoy it.

I've hosted it on Flickr here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/91764382@N02/8335047739/in/photostream/
Go to the link, then right click.
The "View All Sizes" window will pop up.
Select one of the larger files to open image.
Then Right click on image to "Set as Desktop Background".*
Enjoy your new January calendar wallpaper.

*This does not download anything to your computer - it only saves the picture as your new background.

Hopefully that works for everyone.



Happy birthday!


Thanks Meg! Happy New Year!


I'm new to your blog. Happy new year and happy birthday!


Thanks Amanda. Have a great 2013!


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I hope you won't miss out on your chance to have this amazing shirt!

p.s. happy belated birthday

another p.s. I am a Disney Bride too!


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