The A B C's...and D's... and DD's+ of Running Bras

I've noticed a flurry of blog posts on running bras recently, so let me throw out my perspective too.  A few months ago, I was put in touch with Women's Running Magazine for some product testing.   My first products for review were sports bras.

March 2013 issue

There are many personal preferences on style, material, fit, comfort, and support.  No 'one style fits all' approach exists, not for something so personal.  This is still 'intimate apparel' after all - just in performance material packaging.  I highly recommend the article, Girlfriend's Guide to Sports Bras in the March 2013 issue.  And not just because I was involved.  They rate several bras and make recommendations according to cup sizes: Straight -A Students, Queen B's, Fan-C-y Girls, Major D-ivas, Above and BeyonDD+'s.

My priority was support, followed by a desire to avoid the uni-boob look.  My winner was Champion's Double Dry Distance® Underwire Sports Bra. Doing the product review was a great experience.  I tested these bras out on several short runs and a few long runs (10+ miles) as well.  The highlight for me was FINALLY finding a bra that does the job on its own. No layering required. Now I can go spend an afternoon bouncing on a trampoline! Not that I would, but it is nice to have the option.  There really is nothing like the freedom that comes in finding that perfect athletic bra.

At the risk of TMI, I'll post a snippet of the page that includes my review.

I love how they call me an "Expert"

The editors did what they do best, and edited my summary.  They do have to keep things family-friendly, after all.  In reality, until I received a truly well-fitting bra, I did layer two intentionally under-sized sports bras, plus a tank.  However after a long sweaty run, I could never pull them off over my head myself, and had to call in back-up, i.e. my poor DG to start tugging and release my head and neck from its lycra prison.  Other well-endowed running ladies reading this might have the same support issues that I do (or rather did).   If so, give a well-made underwire running bra a try.

  • Get a proper fitting at a lingerie shop and know your TRUE size.
  • Try on as many styles in your size as you can.  Jog in the fitting room, do some burpees or jumping jacks to make sure everything stays where it should.
  • Break out of the S, M, L mindset and consider cup-sizing for your running bra.
  • Expect to spend $50 or more for a quality, well-made bra.
  • Life span of a sports bra is one year.  Think of it like running shoes.  After a certain number of miles, the material breaks down and it should be replaced.  If it is old, pitch it.
  • Even the best, or most expensive bra might start to rub you wrong after 10+ miles of running. BODY-GLIDE is your friend. Everytime! Apply around the band, the straps, and any sensitive areas you may have.
I'd love to hear what favorites you have for running bras: all shapes, styles, and sizes welcome!

Notice: I was not compensated for this post or for product testing.  I was sent bras selected by the magazine for review purposes only.

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