Very Inspiring Blogger Award

This month, our little blog was nominated by Diary of an Everyday Girl as a Very Inspiring Blogger. So exciting to discover that someone actually reads our little rants.  And quite humbling to be called "inspiring". <blush>

Here are the rules:
1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you. 
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on their blogs to let them know. 

Since this is a joint blog, DG and I will split this up.

1.  (DB) I'm a fiber artist.  I knit, crochet, and spin my own yarn. I own two spinning wheels.  I crochet 'amigurumi' - crocheted toys.  Also, I knit...  sweaters, hats, socks, lace shawls, etc.  I've been asked to teach at a local yarn store, and occasionally offer instruction on advanced knitting techniques and crocheted toys.  Anyone reading this that is also a fiber junkie, you can find me on as BeltwaySpinner  (a nod to my political interests and Washington DC roots)

See! Fun, right?

The spinning wheel does appear scary in this scene with Princess Aurora - but it is definitely not scary in real life.  Modern wheels use flyers, not the 'spindle' upon which Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger - so there is no danger of hurting yourself or falling into an enchanted sleep.

2.  (DB) I love, I mean REALLY love to travel.  I've been to thirty eight countries, five of these merited multiple trips.  Backpacking around Europe?  Loved it so much, I did it three times.  I can't choose one favorite country - all are so different and impossible for me to rate against one another.  Still at the top of my list of places to go:  Greece.

3. (DB) I'm not a lawyer, I just play one on TV.  So I pursued a career as an attorney for a time.  It wasn't really for me.  I've not written it off forever, and I can see myself going back for the right opportunity.  I still maintain a strong interest in Intellectual Property Law: Copyright, of course, but especially Trademark Law.  I know! I know! Super sexy and thrilling, right? Try to contain your excitement.  Law is a nerdy business, and finding a specialty that floats your boat you is no small thing.

4. (DG) I work as a utility regulator (and you thought that trademark law was sexy).  I actually enjoy my work.  Working with energy policy keeps me on my toes and reminds me that I need to learn new things every day.  It also allows me to interact with politicians and shape energy policy. 

5. (DG) Until very recently, I didn’t enjoy running.  Running had always be something that allowed me to be better at another sport.  Now I enjoy running for the sake of running.  I hope the lighter moments on our blog bring joy to your running as well. 

6. (DG) I love bacon!  My love started long before bacon was cool.  Ten years ago, I organized several intramural teams that I named bacon.  My bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers have been making appearances at tailgates since 2000.  I may have to write a post about my favorite bacon.

7. We are aunt and uncle to a pair of rambunctious girls - DG's brother has two little princesses, and more recently: a newborn nephew, son to DB's sister. We have already shared our love of Princesses and Buzz Lightyear - and decked out our little relatives with clothes, toys, and swag featuring our favorite Disney characters..  Now we just need to convince our siblings to let us 'borrow' their kids on runDisney weekends, so we can experience some of the Kid's Races and events.

Nominations:  Instead of 15, I have twelve names.  I'd like to nominate ten fellow #SPAs also known as Sweat Pink Ambassadors, plus the one blogger who nominated us. DisneyGroom has a nomination for Running is Funny, a blog we both enjoy that also looks for the lighter side of running.

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