Earning My Glass Slipper

These past two weeks have been full-on Princess Half Marathon, Enchanted 10K, and Glass Slipper Challenge (Half +10K) frenzy, with the early registration, general registration, and the unfortunate #PrincessGate2014. (This was the name given to the events surrounding the leaked active.com link that made the rounds, resulting in several sign-ups even before the official early registration.) But things are settling down a bit now.  The Glass Slipper Challenge predictably sold out.  Spots are still left in the new 10K and the Princess Half as I am posting this, but not for long.

The Princess Half is really precious to us.  In the first place, as newlyweds it gave us both a common goal to strive for.  The first year of our marriage was an extended runDisney-fueled Disneymoon (a trend that seems to be continuing...).   It was a race that we planned for, worked for, and in the process of preparing for, introduced us to the runDisney community we adore.  

I have tentatively reserved a spot in the runDisney Glass Slipper Challenge. I say tentatively because we have several other events happening in February that may conflict with Princess weekend.  So I can't make a big exciting announcement at the moment that I am definitely running.  I should know more in the next few weeks. (crossing fingers)

Unfortunately, DisneyGroom will not be running Princess next year as he has a 200 mile relay for charity he will be organizing next February,  in addition to the running and fundraising for the same event.  He will be be putting up more info about this in the weeks to come, as he works out the details and assembles his team.  So no, I would not be running with my Prince/Space Ranger.  However, I wouldn't be alone as I have many friends running PHM and also GSC.

One of these friends, a fellow Princess, Amanda from the Never On Your Own blog, is running the Glass Slipper Challenge through a charity.  Princess Amanda is really on the ball, because her fundraising has already begun!  She is hosting a fantastic virtual run with a wonderful Cinderella theme.  

Here are the deets:

Name:  Earning My Glass Slipper
Benefits:  Give Kids the World
Distance: run 1.93 miles OR run 19.3 miles (Yay for options - and the 19.3 can be spread out over several days)
Fee: $19.30
Bling: the only difference in the two medals is your mileage engraving on top of the clock

Whether you are a bling collector, adore the Cinderella story, or want to support a children's charity - this virtual run is too good to pass up!

Also, I will add that Amanda is not a newbie to organizing virtual runs for a cause.  DG and I were both among the many to recently run the very sweet 'Dino Day 5K'.  We earned ourselves a T-Rex medal (yes, I said a T-rex medal), and helped out a family with a sick child in the process.   So she is a reputable organizer: facebook event page, regular updates and reminders, medals were delivered on time as promised, all that good stuff. 

I've already signed up and joined the Facebook event page.  Here is the link for more info and I do hope you check it out - AND leave a comment to let me know if you register!


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