Giveaways for Runners

"Hello, my name is Giveaway Junkie."

That statement is true.  I am a complete and utter Giveaway Junkie.  It started with twitter giveaways, then grew to blogs, now pinterest, instagram, and facebook.   In the past eight months, I've won all kinds of running gear, apparel, shoes, bags, fuel, and healthy snacks.  (I tried to make a list, but it was embarrassingly long...) 

And since Running Happily Ever After has recently begun offering giveaways, I want to spread the word and share the giveaway wealth, so to speak.

You may have noticed a new badge on the right side of the blog (also shown below).  I've just started up a new FB group for Running and Fitness Giveaways:  

This group is open to everyone on Facebook.  I especially hope to see other Running and Fitness bloggers join up to share their giveaways and attract new readers to their social media sites.  Readers that are not bloggers are also most welcome to come and enter the current giveaways.

We've got several great ones posted already for this week, so please check us out!  

Edited to Add:  the group has a twitter account as well: ~DisneyBride

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