Blog makeover, #runDisney tab, and our sister page

Been a little quiet with new blog posts lately.  But as you can see, we did have something of makeover here on the blog site.  

Here is a preview, if like me, you read your favorite blogs through a third party reader.

What's new:

  • Our logo and banner (also used on our Facebook page)
  • new subheading:  the fitness fairytale of DisneyBride & DisneyGroom
  • inclusion of our training schedule
  • Upgraded to what we hope is a user-friendly and responsive template with drop-down menus and scrolling updates
  • 'related posts' widget on posts
  • navigation buttons
  • social media share buttons on posts
  • social media 'follow' and 'like' buttons on sidebar
  • expanded About section, including 'disclaimer'
  • reviews/giveways section - links to relevant posts, media inquiries page, and our Runner Giveaways Facebook group
  • #runDisney specific section

The #runDisney drop down menu will take you right to our related posts and most popular links.  One of these links takes you to our 'sister page', Disney Runners Network.  This page is an ongoing project, but can be a great resource to runners brand new to runDisney events. I'm even willing to bet some of the runDisney veterans will discover a few new things on there as well.  Expect some fun happenings from our sister page this coming fall.

So what do you think?  Do we need something else? 

I think our Search button could be a little more prominent - can you as a reader find it easily? Anything else? 

Please share your comments. We love feedback.


SO cute! Love the new banner!


Thank you! Be sure to enter our giveaway!


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