First Year Lessons

Almost one year ago we began the Galloway plan for the Princess Half Marathon.

In this past year I have learned many running-related lessons.  In a nutshell, these are my greatest takeaways from the last year.  I will likely write future posts expanding on each of these topics. 

Clubs or Running Groups
Local and in-person is best.  But online groups work too.  Make sure you associate yourself with people who share your enthusiasm for running.  Don't underestimate the knowledge you will gain, or the support and motivation you will receive.  Believe me when I tell you, that very soon - you will be the one sharing that new found knowledge and inspiring others.  There are many amazing running groups to join.  Seek out a few and don't hesitate to ask questions. Plus,  with your new network, you are almost guaranteed to find a friend at almost any race.  

I was the guy who ran in all cotton clothing and basketball shoes.  Get fitted for shoes. You will feel the difference immediately, if you are in the right shoes for you.  Getting fitted properly requires going to a running store.  Go to a large chain and you'll end up in shoes that will make your ankles bleed, or worse.  I still have scars.

My lovely bride recently pointed out that I am extremely picky about running gear - from socks to undergarments to shorts and shirts, not just shoes.  After much trial and error, I have found what I like.  Ironically, I have almost no clothing preferences outside of running; my work wardrobe sometimes makes poor DisneyBride cry.  

I have preferences on this as well.  Clif Bar Shot Blocks is what I am most comfortable with. But to this day, this is still the hardest part for me.  Mid-run nutrition is extremely important.  Find what works for you and be consistent.  It takes trial and error. Just don't try to make it through a long run without any food.  Find something with electrolytes, some calories, and make sure it works for you.  Further, don't try new products mid-race.  

I have really started to appreciate running more.  What started as a way to continue visiting Disney, and to get back into shape, has actually become an activity I enjoy.  

What are some of the running lessons you've learned this past year? 



As a beginning runner, this is some really helpful insight. Thanks for sharing!


You're welcome, Becky! Thanks for following our blog. Do you have a race coming up?


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