2014 Princess Half & Glass Slipper Challenge Corral Info

Calling all Princesses!

Eager to find out your corral info?  Corral Info has been posted on the runDisney page: http://www.rundisney.com/princess-half-marathon/

Enter your last name and date of birth to get to your waiver.

This will take you to this page:

You must select PRINT Waiver.  Your bib number appears at the bottom.

The corrals are up for Glass Slipper Challenge AND the Princess Half Marathon only.  Look up your number on the charts below to find your corral placement.

10K bibs and 5K bibs are not posted - and if past practice dictates, they will not be.

NOTE: If you do not see your name come up and you know you are registered- do not panic!  One of two things are likely the issue:  Wrong Birthday or Name Misspelling. My name did not come up.  But I found out trackshack/rundisney entered my wrong birthday.  It happened to DisneyGroom last year also!  Call runDisney 407-939-iRun or send them an email: disneysports@trackshack.com to get it sorted. 

So what corral did you get?

DisneyGroom put in a 10K time and got Corral E.  He is really happy about it!
I'm only running 5K and 10K so my corral info will be a surprise at bib pickup.

Run Happily!


Super excited for Glass Slipper! Hope to see you guys there!


YAY! The Inaugural Glass Slipper Challenge will be SO AMAZING! Please say hello if you see us.


I wish I was running this year - last year's race was a blast! Have FUN! Can't wait to read y'all's recaps!!


I'll be in Disney Grooms corral! Although if Disney doesn't correct the issue with my mom's corral (she submitted a 58 min 10K and still got put in corral i) I will more than likely move back to run with her. Thanks for the info!


Aww. I'm sorry you won't be there Lauren. I'm bringing a friend for her first Disney trip and her first 5K -so to see it through newbie eyes will make it extra special.


If she has an email of her submitted proof of time and/or some correspondence with runDisney that they received by the deadline - they *might* be able to correct it at runner relations at expo. That worked for DG at Marathon weekend - so I'll cross my fingers that they can resolve it for your mom too.


I'm in Corral E too! This is my 2nd, getting excited!!


That's great Stacia! Look for DisneyGroom in Corral E, he will be dressed as Donald Duck ;)


I'm confused about the Glass Slipper Corrals. Does the corral you are assigned for the glass slipper mean that is your corral for both the 10k and the half? Given the time I submitted from the Tower Ten Miler I should be in a higher corral for the half. Confused!


Shannon, corral info for the 10K was not released. The Half will have over 20000 runners, the 10K will have 10000 or less. WDW10K had only 5 corrals - and I expect the Enchanted10K will be the same or close. So your GSC corral above is for the Half only. Most likely you will get two bibs (like the did at Dopey Challenge) with a different corral for the 10K. Hope this makes sense.


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