Day 3: DisneyGroom’s #DopeyChallenge Weekend. #WDW10K Done- 9.3 Down and 39.3 to Go!

3:00 A.M is too early!
3:00 A.M is too early!
3:00 A.M is too early!

Just a quick fair word of warning.  As mileage increases and sleep hours decrease, the quality of my writing is likely to suffer.  I hope the humor still manages to make it across. However, it is likely that more grammar errors will appear.  

DisneyBride ran the 10k today.  So we figured our costumes should work with each other.  I feel pretty safe saying we were the only Wall-e and Eve.   

Again there were no pre-race characters and no Mickey to start the race.  I always found Mickey starting the race to be a really nice touch.  I hope that it reappears in the future.  

The mood in the corral seemed much more upbeat today.  I am waiting to see if everyone still has big smiles Sunday morning.  With so many familiar faces from the day before, it almost had the feel of a local race.  Everyone chatting about the previous race and catching up.  

I am a fan of the 10k course.  While some may find the first three miles boring, being out on the road allowed everyone to spread out before entering the park.  Other than coming off the start line, I did not experience any bottlenecks.  

Today’s Photos

A few blog readers found me. They wanted to be in one of my amazing selfies.



Mile Markers

Character Stop Photobombs

MUSHU (in China)


On Course runDisney Tease- Don’t put a car on the course.  Don’t remind us that there are easier ways of getting around. 

This was actually a fancy tricked out DJ booth.

Just After the Finish Line

The awesome Volunteer that gave me my medal!

Post Race with Minnie and Daisy

After crossing the finish line, the Dopey wrist bracelet process was far more efficient today.  The area was much larger and there were plenty of volunteers waiting to mark the 5K bracelet and give you one for the 10K.  This was leaps and bounds better than yesterday.  

The line for post race food and drinks were also far less crowded today.   I’m not sure if runDisney made a few changes on the fly, or if the extra 3.1 miles allowed for a smoother finish line area.  Unfortunately, runDisney continues to ignore my suggestion for post race Tonga Toast.  Also, does anyone else find the single, tiny wet nap in the food box hilarious?  No wet nap is cleaning a sweaty post race runner.


I did much better with pacing today.

I  still don’t like zig-zagging around people.  It makes the race seem much longer.

I  still like passing people.  It is not something I get to do often.  

I should have greased up the nips.  The costume on top of the shirt cause more chafing than anticipated.  

Picture lines were still pretty bad since I was way back in corral E for the 5K and 10K. You might remember the issue I had with Track Shack. They didn't apply my Proof of Time when I submitted it last year and they placed me in Corral P (the LAST one). Runner relations corrected my corral to J. (I had a tentative promise from them in December that they would do this at the expo.) But they only did the change with the bib for the Half and the Full. My 5K and 10K bibs remained in E (the last corral for those events).

I started the race feeling pretty tired.  By mile three I was feeling pretty great.  Volunteering at the expo yesterday was probably not the best idea.  

I am feeling really good again today.  Let’s hope this keeps up with another 3:00am wake-up call.

DisneyBride will also be posting a recap of her 10K.  We saw each other once on course - but started in different corrals and did not get to run together.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's recap of the Half. I have a feeling tomorrow is when the action really begins.


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Great work!!! I'm loving living vicariously through you this weekend :) You and DB look fantastic!!! Any idea why Mickey isn't starting races anymore/no pre-race characters? I loved having something to do waiting for the the Jingle Jungle in November! I didn't think I saw the reasons why in your post yesterday? Good luck tomorrow!!!


Don't know why no pre-race characters. I'll have to send runDisney an email when I get back. They've made a lot of changes. The Half did have characters on stage to do the corral send offs. I'm assuming they will tomorrow at Full also. But yes, we missed that for the 5 and 10.


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