Day 4: DisneyGroom’s #DopeyChallenge Weekend. #WDWHalf Done- 22.4 Down and 26.2 to Go!

I am absolutely amazed by the enthusiasm the runDisney Transportation guy at my resort shows at 3:30 in the morning.  Now, to the recap.  

I woke a few minutes earlier this morning to drop off my DisneyBride at the volunteer check-in at Blizzard Beach.  I hope as you passed her at 1.9 and 9.7 you were able to say "Hi".  I stopped for a quick good luck kiss on the way out and the way back.

Today was a glorious 13.1 mile run.  This is my Tribute to all Runners, but mostly me!

Starting out, I really wish that corrals could be closer to the drop off area.  I felt like I did a 10K from my bus to the start area.  It's still very dark at 4am, so more light on the way to the corrals from the reunion area would also be a welcome addition.  Considering the early wakeup, I was pleased to see most everyone appeared quite happy this morning. Maybe I'm the only runner that gets Grumpy about his alarm clock going off.

There were no character sendoffs at the 5K and 10K, so I was really happy to see that Donald sent off each corral this morning.  

Mickey and Minnie were also up on stage.  Unfortunately, as far back as I was in my corral, I could not see them.  The fireworks for most corrals were very nice. A few of the send-offs had technical difficulties. Even though the corrals were far smaller for this race than in past Half Marathons, they still seemed too crowed.  

The shorter start times between corrals worked very well, though.  Once we were on the course there was not nearly as much congestion as my last Disney Half (Princess 2013).

It was nice to see that the med tents in the first mile were attempting to prevent problems. They were offering Vaseline to runners who forgot to apply anti-chafing balm.  There is nothing worse than seeing bloody nips or runners who can't run straight at the finish line from thigh chafing.  Further, the med tents did a very good job of reminding runners to drink at all the water stops.  They also seemed to be very prepared for runners who needed to cut off their long sleeves.

It is amazing to run through Magic Kingdom.  I stopped for a few photos with in the park.  Following my Main Street picture, I managed to drop my phone. I didn't notice until I had gotten to the front of the Buzz Lightyear stop in Tomorrow Land.  I turned back and ran against the runners.  Amazingly, a spectator in Main Street had found my phone and returned it to me.  Thanks again spectator!  I ran back to Buzz and stood in line again for a photo stop.  I probably wouldn't have done this for any other character.  But my mild obsession with my favorite Space Ranger has been well-documented.

This extra 'almost a half-mile' hiccup blew my anticipated pace. I didn't try to make up for it.  If anything, it forced me to relax a bit more. 

The second half of the course was great.  I ended up running most of it with a friend and fellow Dopey Challenger, Michelle, from Tallahassee.  

As always, Sarge on the overpass is hilarious!

More photos from today

 Molly the Balloon Lady- I ran into her on the way to the bag check area.  Its was nice meeting her, and I'm glad to say this was the only time I saw her.

Muppet Mania! Sam Eagle with 2 Animals

Becky from Endurance Sports Connection

Marci @DisneyWishRun

Michelle and Karen from Tallahassee

I got to hang briefly with some of the coolest runDisney bloggers on the block: Linzie of See Sharp Run, Pam and Christine of We Run Disney, and Katrina Elle (formerly Sneakers & Fingerpaints)  They are all much faster than me, so obviously this is pre-race.

Another awesome blogger, Erin of For the Love of Disney Running

I got photos at all 13 mile markers, but I will only post one.  Can you guess why it is my favorite?

Photo Bombs
Sam Eagle does NOT do the Chicken Dance, even with a marching band as backup


Captain Jack Sparrow Mile 1

Sam Eagle's Safety Violations
One should not run on the railroad tracks.

Driving a Lamborghini on the runner's course is not safe.

Great Spectator Signs

Took me seven runDisney events, but I FINALLY finally found the World Famous Peggy Sue!

Finish Line Mickey. He high-fived me. It made my day.

Very Happy Medal Volunteer


  • I am still feeling good (phew!) and am looking forward to the marathon.
  • Having a hydration pack today was very helpful.  It saves time not stopping at water stations.
  • I need to make sure to remember my eat my race nutrition during the marathon.  I forgot to fuel after mile 4.
  • I need to tweet more.  I didn't send out many race tweets today.
  • I need to get to bed even earlier tonight.  Six hours of sleep is not going to cut it.
  • I think that bringing all my own food and being a boring eater is a huge help. I've met several other runners that are doing this.

Well tomorrow I am going to be dressed as Mr. Incredible. Further, I probably won't be as quick with the recap.  I plan on enjoying the recovery time tomorrow.  More importantly, I am looking forward to my victory dinner.  I am tried of not eating all the amazing food that's available here in Disney.  Watch out Boma and anyone that gets in my way at Animal Kingdom Lodge - my runger will be in full force tomorrow.

Stay Safe


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I LOVE THIS!! I still have SO MANY photos to put together and thoughts but you're right this race was about us all COMING TOGETHER!


I loooove the Same Eagle outfit!!! I've been following you on Twitter this morning and can't wait to see more photos (and the bling!!!) :)


It was nice running into you. I look forward to reading your recap. -DG


Thanks. DisneyBride did a fantastic job putting the costume together.


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