Does this Glass Slipper come in a men's 13?

Does this Glass Slipper come in a men's 13?

If you missed the first part of my 2014 runDisney Princess Half Marathon Weekend recap, you can read it here

Day 3: Saturday's Enchanted 10K and mmm...S'mores

The Enchanted10K was an inaugural event and also the first leg of the runDisney Inaugural Glass Slipper Challenge.  After our 'homelessness' drama of the previous day, it was such a relief to be back in a hotel room  near Walt Disney World. It made getting to the race so much easier that morning. 

I ran the Enchanted 10K with DisneyBride.  Of the many runDisney races we had both done, we had only run un-timed  events (5Ks) side-by-side.  Running a timed Disney race together opened my eyes to a few things I have not experienced before.  More on this below.  

RunDisney must have listened to the criticism from runners that the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend's Inaugural 10K lacked entertainment.  This 10K was on the same course, but they added a group of kite fliers, another character, and more music to the first three miles - plus several more characters through EPCOT.

I would occasionally run ahead of DisneyBride to get in line for photos.  The one photo I was really looking forward to was Sports Goofy at the Boardwalk.  I didn't stop for him during Marathon Weekend and I really wish I had.  This time I got my photo. 

I would like to take a second and pat myself on the back. DisneyBride and I got across the finish line in front of the balloon ladies and we are still married.  I have a tendency to push her a little too hard on runs, much to her annoyance. But apparently, I was on my "A Game" that morning. 

To the Back of the Pack Runners, I have an even deeper respect for all of you and how tough it can be.  Let me explain:

1) I was constantly looking over my shoulders for the balloon ladies.  It is amazing how obsessed and concerned I was.  I am by no means fast, however, I have never had to worry about seeing them.  So, to those of you who do have that worry, I don't know how you do it. 

2) I know I am guilty of the things I am about to talk about.  I definitely won't be doing this any more.  I understand people are trying to be supportive and encouraging, but the constant "You look good" or "You're going to make it" come across quite patronizing.  It made me wonder how bad we looked that we constantly got these comments.  I know these spectators and fellow runners meant to be encouraging, but it just didn't come across that way.  I will have to try to come up with new things to use to cheer runners on.  

It really was a fun morning. It seems like we bumped into half the blogosphere either pre-race or on the course that morning, and that was awesome.  We even managed to run the last portion and cross the finish line with fellow bloggers, Patty of Margarita Miles and the Mouse and Julie of Run Walk Fastpass Repeat.


Saturday evening we headed to The Wilderness Lodge to meet up with the Racing the Dream Facebook group.  They had organized a gathering featuring the most delicious of all campfire desserts: s'mores!  I had a few.  

Many more than any adult should.  This was a lot of fun and I'm going to add the Chip and Dale Campfire Sing-A-Long to our Must Do List. 

Day 4: Sunday's Princess Half Marathon and I think I love everything on Sanaa's menu

The Princess Half Marathon is the final leg of the Glass Slipper Challenge.  This race I ran solo, with DisneyBride as my support crew. 

It is quite a scene being so outnumbered race morning. 

Why are all these Princesses chasing me???

It was VERY humid.  As you can see from almost all my pics I am drenched and my glasses are constantly fogged up.  Just before my now infamous Buzz Lightyear character stop, I paused on Main Street for a photo.  The random stranger who took this pic may just have taken the best Main Street photo of me yet.  Thank You!

I ALWAYS ALWAYS stop for Buzz. 

Everyone on the course this year was extremely upbeat, from what I saw.  Given the temperature and humidity that was pretty amazing.  I was even more impressed by the sportsmanship I witnessed.  Twice I was near a runner who tripped. Within split seconds, dozens of people stopped to help. 

I was sad running through Tomorrow Land in Magic Kingdom knowing that Push, the Talking Trash Can would never be seen again.  But I soldiered on, and ran through the coolest part of the half marathon course- Cinderella's Castle.  To the random stranger who took my castle photo: Thanks...  I guess the top half of the castle isn't that important...  ha ha

During my 2013 Princess Half Marathon race, I didn't stop at the Wedding Pavilion.  So I was glad to see the 'wanna-be' Disney Grooms were out again this year.  Let me dispel all the myths here and now: I am the real @Disney_Groom, all others are just posers.  

It was fun watching them interact with all the female runners. 

Just after the faux grooms, I ran into DisneyBride for the second time, right in front of the Polynesian Resort near Mile 8.  She completely surprised me by getting me some fresh bacon from Captain Cooks.  She also took my favorite race photo ever.  

The look on my face is priceless.  I will note that the bacon was excellent - salty and still crispy.  I highly recommend bacon as a mid-race pick-me-up. 

During the last half of the race I took the opportunity to stop for a couple of characters I have skipped in the past: Captain Jack Sparrow and Fairy Godmother.   

They always seem to have such long waits, but this race when I went through, the line was non-existent and I had a zero wait.  I think the humidity left runners just wanting to get across the finish line.  A win for me.

I collected my bling and got a photo with Ariel. 

If you've been reading our blog awhile, you may recall the 2013 Princess Half Marathon was our first 1/2 marathon.  DisneyBride and I had gone from Couch to 1/2 Marathon in less than five months.  That was a rough event for us both.  

Wow. What a difference a year makes!  I crossed the finish line with a better time, many more photo stops, and I felt great.  I know I look tired in this photo, but really I was just STARVING!  And we had a great celebratory meal planned!  

Following the race, after we showered, changed, and checked out of our room, we headed to Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge's Kidani Village for lunch.  Dining here was a first for us.  The food offering were African and Indian influenced - and everything was delicious, especially the butter chicken.  Yep. BUTTER. I earned it.  I will definitely try to find the butter chicken on property again. 

This is DisneyBride's vegetarian entree.  I tried some of each dish and it was really good too.  But not as good as the butter chicken.  There are no pictures of it because I ate it ALL!

With our bellies full, we got on the road headed north and back to reality.  But reality isn't as awesome as a runDisney weekend.  I keep hoping that one day I will pull into my office parking lot and find a DJ playing dance tunes to get me amped up.

So here is the fruit of months of training.  Ten runDisney medals
Six from the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Dopey Challenge (recaps here) and four from Princess Half Marathon Weekend.   

Not sure what our next Disney race will be, but I know I'll be back for Dopey Challenge.  In the meantime, we've got big plans for this year and also planning for next. 

Stay tuned for DisneyBride's recap from Princess weekend.



I love that you embraced your inner Princess and stopped for a photo with the glass slipper and Princes


Your medals look great! I love that you seen so many helpful runners and you felt the camaraderie was good ( I thought so too). I've read other blogs were people weren't so happy about runners acting less than sportsman like. ( I actually did not experience this but I think it is sad to hear at a disney race)!

I didn't realize those faux disney grooms where standing in front of the wedding pavilion. I didn't even take notice! Since I am a disney bride I will make sure to stop for that picture next Looks like you had a great race and that bacon gave you just the extra bit of energy you needed to finish strong and look great! Wish I would have seen you guys on either of the courses!


I LOVE how you included me in your 10k LOL..cuz running into you and Monica ROCKED. I do believe even though we skipped all the dudes at the wedding pavilion you photo is my absolute favorite. Y'all re so much fun. so great seeing you on the race course! Wonderful recap!


So much love for this post! Particularly, the recreated Pam Anderson photo, The why are all these Princesses chasing me photo and the Bacon photo! So glad I got to meet yall that weekend. Hope we can run into each other again soon!

Anonymous mod

Great recap - it was quite a humid day, I have to give you props for wearing a hat the whole way!


Man oh man, that medal hangar looks fantastic!! So much awesome bling!

Great job to you both on the 10K and to DG on the half! DB is a super awesome wife for getting you bacon mid-race. Totally gonna do that for my hubby if he decides to run a race that I am not running (if that ever happens lol)!

Sanaa is actually on our restaurant bucket list. We plan to eat there during our Wine & Dine half marathon trip later this year. Will y'all be there for that race? If not, we'll be at Dopey next year, so we'll definitely see you then!


They wanted a photo with the real @Disney_Groom. -DG


I was truly impressed with everyone's sportsmanship. I'm sure the faux grooms will make an appearance again next year. It might just be the perfect excuse to run it again. Finally- Salty, crispy, and delicious bacon always delivers. -DG


Thanks! It is always great seeing familiar faces on the course. I hope to see you at a race soon. -DG


I'm just glad the photo didn't have to be captioned "OUCH". I hope we all run into each other at another race real soon.


Super humid, but great bacon makes it much easier! You have to commit to a costume all the way thru.


You could always just take a detour at the Poly. Stop for mid-race Tonga Toast and bacon. I don't think we are going to be able to make Wine and Dine this year. You will enjoy Sanaa, so much delicious food! Definitely see you at Dopey. -DG


I think that picture of you with the bacon may be the best picture ever!!! I have already put in my request to my husband to provide me with bacon at some point during the Goofy!

And oh the humidity! I think I'm still having nightmares from it! lol

Jayne mod

Well over the course of this week, I've read your entire blog from start until present. Obviously I'm a big fan! You guys remind me of DH and me... Disney enthusiasts who are also aspiring runners. Our first runDisney event was the Jingle Jungle 5k last year and we are registered for the ToT 10 Miler. My goal is ten races this year and to complete my first 1/2 by year's end.
You are both incredibly inspirational and I appreciate the humor infused into the posts. I'll be an avid reader from now on!


Thank you so much for the kind words, Jayne! The Jingle Jungle 5K (in 2012) was our first rD event as well. It's a great one. Ten races this year is a fantastic goal! Best of luck to you both with the ToT 10 Miler and a future half. I've always said those Disney 5Ks are the gateway drug to bigger races. Hugs, ~Monica/DisneyBride


Nothing beats salty crispy bacon mid-race. The humidity is scary - you have to drink a lot more water than you normally need. Say hi if you see me at Goofy next year! I'm in again for Dopey.


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