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 Have you been on Athlinks?   I feel like I am late to this party, but hey - better late than never.  When we did a race last month, we discovered the race webpage displayed the results directly from the Athlinks site.  This prompted me to dig a little further on the site.
Upon checking out the Athlinks site further, we found nearly all our races have their results posted on this site.   It hosts running, trail running, adventure and obstacle running, cycling, swimming, duathlon, and triathlon results. 
You find your race result and then you "Claim" it to add it to your profile.  If you have done an event and don't see your event listed on the site, then you can add it as an 'unofficial result'.   I did this for two events and at some point they verified the results of one and changed it to 'official'.  Untimed events (runDisney 5Ks, color runs, other fun runs) would not be listed as they do not give you an official result.
What an easy way to keep a record of your races all in one place.  Here you can check out a screen shot of DisneyGroom's results page.

I've played around with a few other neat features.  You can search for and find upcoming events and add them to your profile. You can add your running friends through the Links tab. You can send and receive Cheers for your results.  There are options to share through Twitter and Facebook.  Plus there are dozens of other features I have yet to discover.  Check it out when you get a chance.  Especially if you have been running more than a year or two, you'll be surprised to find old results on there.
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Are you already on Athlinks
How do you currently keep track of your results?
We are not in any way affiliated with Athlinks.  Just wanted to share this cool discovery!


I'd never heard of it, but added both of you! I have a few races to add in unofficially, but that's a great site!


OMG this is so cool! How did I not know about this before?! Thanks for posting about it!


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