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I prefer a hot breakfast. But the time crunch of a typical weekday morning often prevents this.  Hot breakfasts require time to prepare.  They also demand to be eaten and enjoyed slowly.

We all know oatmeal is a wholesome, filling, and heart healthy option.  And flavored instant oatmeal packets are easy and convenient, right?  They are convenient, but there are only a few flavors, and they are often much too sweet for my taste.
Enter  With dozens of ingredients to choose from, there are endless combinations - and something for everyone.  We got to make our own custom oatmeal blend. 
The flavors I chose were Horchata and Dulce de Leche.
Chalk it up to my latina roots, but I am a big fan of Horchata (a rice milk type drink) and of course, Dulce de Leche (a caramel-like confection made from sweetened condensed milk).  My oatmeal arrived and smelled AMAZING!   I opted for unsweetened oatmeal, so when I made it, I added a light drizzle of honey.  Very tasty. Definitely did not have the bland 'instant oatmeal' flavor I've come to expect from the bigger commercial brands.
The other product I selected was PB Lean.  PBLean is a powdered peanut butter.  However, it is 85% lower in fat and calories than traditional peanut butters.  There are many ways to use your PB Lean:
-add water to make peanut butter
-replace flour as the ingredient in your favorite baked treats
-mix into smoothies, yogurt
-sprinkle on food
-add to cooking sauces, e.g. BBQ
I was all set to order plain, when I spotted the German Chocolate Cake flavor. 
When it arrived, I was not disappointed. 
The first 'treat' I made with it, was adding a heaping tablespoon to a half cup of low-fat ricotta cheese.  Then I added a drizzle of some local organic honey, and a few pieces of dark chocolate chips.  I know - it sounds weird - but I often put weird combinations together and discover that it tastes really good.  Yes, it was good.  So good, that we polished off the tub of ricotta and I never got a photo!
The next treat I made was a simple smoothie.
1 cup of vanilla rice milk
1 1/2 tablespoons of PB Lean
1 drizzle of agave nectar
2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
1 cup of ice
Blend until frothy.
What will you come up with?
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I loved the Myoatmeal I received and was anxious to see what flavors other people selected and what they made with theirs. I made oatmeal cookies with mine and they turned out amazing! The flavors you selected sound yummy! I wish I could have a sampling of every flavor they offer. I drool when I read the list!


Smaller sample packs would be a great way to try the different flavors. I got the smallest bag they had, but 1 pound is still a lot of oatmeal! Baking cookies sounds like a great idea... mmm


I have nominated you for a Liebster Award! :)

Hopefully you enjoy answering the 10 random questions, just like I did :)


Chocolate cake flavour? That is all I needed to hear, I am sold!

Alma Q mod

I have some powdered peanut butter but so far all I have used it for are smoothies. I like that it doesn't have as much sugar as your standard store bought peanut butters.
I'm also a big fan of those 'overnight oats' recipies. Never thought I would like cold oatmeal.


Alma, I grew up eating peanut soup made from powdered peanuts. It is really really tasty and filling. The powdered peanuts are also good for making thai chili-peanut sauces. I keep meaning to try overnight oats - didn't realize they were eaten cold. I love my warm oatmeal in the mornings. ~DB


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