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Our nephew, Xavier LOVES his Sport Kilt!

I am a big fan of things that put a smile on DisneyBride's face.  It's even better when the thing in question is clothing fit for a warrior. 
The item I am reviewing today is a Sport Kilt.  I have run in a kilt a few times before, but the more I wear one on a run, the more I want to wear them on my future runs. 

Sport Kilt's tagline:  A Man in a Kilt is a Man and a Half!
Wow, you're telling me! It is amazing the response you get when you're out running in a kilt.  It is overwhelmingly positive! Sure you occasionally run into the random person who still can't figure out the difference between a skirt and a kilt.  (FYI- my canned response has always been: "Cross dressers wears skirts, warriors wear kilts")  An added benefit if you are a single male reader: the ladies - they looooove the kilt.  Kilts have some sort of magical power that makes women wish their man would wear one and makes men want to run out and get one.  Men, use this new found power wisely.

My Sport Kilt features

Sport Kilt was kind enough to send me a customized Original Sport Kilt in the Wallace tartan.  My kilt had four customized additions: (1) two hidden side pockets - super handy, (2) fringe - it adds a pretty cool look, (3) sewn-down pleats, and (4) belt loops. Another cool feature, the kilts are made right here in the USA.   

My loves of pockets is eternal and well documented.  The Original Sport Kilt comes with one standard pocket, but I had two extra hidden ones on the side.  The belt loops are useful for either a race belt, or for using a regular belt while wearing the kilt out and about.  The sewn down pleats keeps your kilt lying a little flatter and neater around the hips. Finally, the fringe adds a cool touch.   I do have an Original Sport Kilt without the bells and whistles, and while it is great to wear, these extras on my new Sport Kilt were very nice to have.

Running in my Sport Kilt
photo credit: Fred Decker

Awesome:  Mental and emotional boosts are always welcome on race day.  Immediately after I received my Sport Kilt, I wore it to my next race.  As expected, it was a big hit with other runners, and especially my bride.  Hey, I even qualified for Half Fanatics in a Sport Kilt!

Fabric:  I was quite impressed with the fabric.  Being a runner, we are always a bit obsessed about the fabrics that our running gear is made of.  A lightweight poly blend that dries quickly and doesn't get wrinkled.  What's not to love?  

X Racewear shirt, and Original Sport Kilt

Weight: The Sport Kilt was much lighter than one would expect. Most of the weight is in the waistband, as it contains velcro strips to keep it on securely.  But because the weight is on the waistband, you don't really notice it; it just feels like a belt across the front, with elastic across the back.   

Running for a great cause! And check out my sexy legs!

Length:  I have read that guys worry about the fabric hitting their knees.   Traditionally, kilts for men generally hit just at the knee.  I am tall, and I also requested a shorter length.  While I own two other longer length kilts for 'non running use', I intended this SportKilt to be earmarked for running.  So with my desired length, I did not have any issues at all with the kilt hitting my knees. I never quite understood this criticism of kilts, as shorts seem to have far more area to make contact with your legs.  Make sure you order the appropriate size and desired length and it wont be a problem. 

More of my Sport Kilt racing action

The 'Braveheart' Factor:  I also wore it for several training runs.  I am going to say that the shots are blurry because I was running so fast, not because my iPhone doesn't do action shots well. 

There is something primal about running on a trail in a kilt.
I found myself wishing I had blue facepaint and a spear.


Overall Comfort/Mobility:  A kilt does not bunch, ride up, or chafe.  It may weigh a few ounces more than shorts, but I'm not fast enough to care.  The convenience and comfort far outweigh any criticism of a kilt.  For those of you who run obstacle races, a kilt would be perfect.  No worrying about your ability to move your legs or climb.  If you are able to contort your body in such a way that a kilt inhibits your movement- send me a picture, I would have to see that to believe it. 

More Awesome:  Not gonna lie:  the random compliments, wolf whistles, and cat calls when I wear my Sport Kilt are great motivation to keep running.  I'm married, so it goes without saying that I need to put a lot of distance between myself and any would-be admirers.  But it is always nice to be noticed and appreciated by the wife.


The most commonly asked question I always get wearing a kilt is "What do you have on under the kilt"?  Well that's a question you'll just have to leave to your imagination.  DisneyBride is the only other person who knows the answer. 

Costume Ideas
Unless this is your first time visiting our blog, you already know how much DisneyBride and I obsess about dressing up in costumes for races.  Perhaps I'll dress as William Wallace? And for our runDisney races --- pretty much any character from Brave!  Guess it will depend on if I feel more like yelling "Freedom!" or "Feast Yer Eyes"!

And now that you have a very powerful visual that will linger with you all day...

Discount and Giveaway!

Yep, you read that right.  The wonderful folks at Sport Kilt are allowing us to giveaway one Original Sport Kilt to a lucky reader!  Read the terms below and use the rafflecopter to enter.

And to let you know about yet ANOTHER chance to win, Sport Kilt is hosting a "Put the Sport in Sport Kilt" photo contest on their site. So check out that one, if you already own a Sport Kilt and want to win another one!  I'm pretty sure I'll be entering that one!

If you can't wait for the giveaway to end and gotta have your Sport Kilt right now, use the code:  RunHappy  for 10% off of your order. Coupon is valid through June 30, 2014.

Until next time!


Terms of the Giveaway

1) No Purchase Necessary.

2) Giveaway begins Friday May 23, 2014 and ends Saturday May 31, 2014 at midnight. Winner will be announced on the Facebook page and this blog post.  He or she will be notified Sunday June 1, 2014.

3) Must be 18 years or older to enter. Must be a U.S. resident. 

4) One (1) winner will be selected. the winner will receive one (1) Original Sport Kilt. Retail Value: $59.50

5) Sign in through Rafflecopter below to enter. With your first entry, the app will capture your e-mail or facebook name. This is so we can reach you if you win, in accordance with sweepstakes terms. Your contact info will ONLY be used to contact you if you win.

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9) Void where prohibited.

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I don't want to win a kilt but I just wanted to comment and say I loved your review. That's right, I have no interested in this product yet I still kept reading because you are so I love the part where you say you like to keep a smile on Disneybride's face!


very cool looking kilt/skirt, does it come in all the tartans?


I have not worn a kilt for running, but I did wear one for a college "WWE" type wrestling event we put on. I have worn TuTu's before for running, now I must upgrade my manhood and wear a kilt!


My triathlete husband NEEDS this ;) would be a fantastic addition to his casual kilt. Thanks for offering this!


McDonald Modern. :)

Anonymous mod

This would be great for one of the guys that runs with our group, we need this for our group costume! I think we could talk him into wearing a kilt.


Thanks for the kind remarks. Happy wife, happy life. I try to keep the reviews interesting, glad to hear it's working. -DG


Sport Kilt has tons of tartans. Peruse their website to look for specific tartans.


A Man in a Kilt is a Man and a Half! -DG


Good Luck! One kilt is never enough. Keep checking back for future reviews and giveaways. -DG


My boyfriend thought these were awesome! And he could wear them golfing!


Very cool. I'm a fan of the All Ireland Mini Kilt for women!


Haha Seems like fun! I'd love to win and wear this to see if my 11-year-old daughter would think I'm cool or embarrassing. :)

Dorena mod

I have not worn a kilt while running but it would be fun to wear one.

Anonymous mod

These are all kinds of awesome!!!!!!
I would buy the MacDonald kilt because that's my family tartan (which is actually really hard to find other places!!!)
Not only would I run in mine, I would play racquetball in that bad boy. That would make things interesting :).


I like the Gunn Mini Kilt! I would so wear this my 5ks. I like to make a spectacle of myself, and this is a little different than the old tried and true tutu! I don't know if I could get my husband to wear a kilt. I wish!


I think the Stewart Black or the Firefighter would be the best choices with my "fit family." Or even the Red Zone.


Hey, question: you got a custom length? What length did you do if not 22". Something like 19"? Thanks!


Yes Jonathan. The standard length will work for mostly everyone. But if you want a different length the SportKilt people will make it that way for you. Start at your hips (where the waistband rests) and extend tape measure to the desired length. It helps to kneel on the ground and have someone else do the measuring to get the length you want. Their customer service dept is very friendly if you have more detailed questions or issues. Hope this helps!


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