The Ghoul Gathering: a DIY Halloween Run

No Halloween race in your town? 

Why not get some friends together and hold your own?

In years past, a local gym hosted a Halloween 5K in Tallahassee. But the gym closed down, and that was the end of the race.

So this week, our friend Michelle, pictured below, planned a 'Ghoul Gathering - Zombie Run' and invited several friends. 

Love this outfit!

hat closeup - isn't it cute?

The group was made up of fourteen ghouls, zombies, and assorted scary monsters.  DG and I opted for Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum costumes (recycled from when we ran the runDisney Enchanted 10K). We did a Halloween themed 4 mile run/walk  at 'Zombie' pace. 

blurry running pic

Magnus joined us - in his shark costume.

a better pic of his shark fin - but he would not keep the hood/jaws part on.

Guess who won Best Costume & Runner Up?

And there were cute little finisher medals (Halloween themed AND reflective)!

Yep - Magnus got a finisher medal too.

After the run, we took over the patio at a nearby restaurant, and the Halloween party began.

Michelle brought buckets of candy,
And goody bags for all.
This is DG's goody bag

and mine...

DG and I also got prizes for winning Best Costume.

It was a great way to celebrate Halloween!
Have you ever planned a themed run with friends?
Happy Halloween!


Wow, what a great run! And tons of swag for it being a DIY race. Honestly, it looks more fun then some "official" races I have done! Happy halloween to you and your pup!


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