2014-2015 Race Season- #DopeyAintEnuf

It seems like all the cool running kids are coming up with names for their racing seasons.  Here are a couple of examples:
Not to be left out, let me introduce my race season name  #DopeyAintEnuf!  

I started contemplating a name for my race season a couple of months ago. 

No offense to Dopey, he and I go way back... but my running journey has brought me a long way in just one year.

I can't believe it was one year ago that I had just completed my first marathon (Running for the Bay) and was gearing up for my second (Space Coast), and then my first multi-day challenge: the Inaugural Dopey Challenge.  

The months of training was a lot of hard work, but completing the Dopey Challenge just left me with a taste for more.  

More distance
More multi-day challenges
More running

And that is what I am going for this year.

Originally, DisneyBride did not like the name, her Inner Grammar Cop was silently screaming. We batted a couple of other ideas around but never came to a decision.  Weeks passed and this package from Tervis arrived one day in the mail.

Apparently, a marathon is just not enough for me anymore.  I am either crazy (current leading theory) or I just haven't found my limit yet.  Either way, my upcoming schedule features a couple of marathons, several halfs, a pair of multi-day events, and my first ultra.  Some guys make their wives sports widows, I guess this season my wife will be a running widow. 

Here are the current races on the #DOPEYAINTENUF schedule (subject to more crazy additions):

    • Oct. 4th      Tower of Terror 10 Miler
    • Oct 11th   Pine Run 20K
    • Nov 27th  Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K
    • Nov 30th  Space Coast Marathon
    • Jan 3rd     Swamp Forest Trail Half Marathon
    • Jan 8th     WDW 5K- Dopey Challenge
    • Jan 9th     WDW 10K- Dopey  Challenge
    • Jan 10th   WDW Half Marathon- Dopey  Challenge
    • Jan 11th   WDW Marathon- Dopey Finale
    • Feb 15th   Destin Beach Ultra Runs 50K
    • Feb 21st   Gasparilla Distance Classic 15K & 5K - Ultra Challenge 
    • Feb 22nd  Gasparilla Distance Classic Half Marathon & 8K - Ultra Challenge 
    • Mar 1st     Excalibur 10 Miler
A few other races may get inserted into the calendar in the upcoming weeks. This racing thing has really become an addiction. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter; I'm @Disney_Groom on both platforms. And check in with the blog for more on my running Odyssey as it unfolds. 

What does your race season look like?

Are you running a Turkey Trot this week?



Have fun at your turkey trot. We are doing the Toys for Tots turkey trot in Newport News and we love this race. It is put on by the Marines and they collect toys for kids.


Busy beginning of schedule for you. I ha e a 5K turkey trot tomorrow, an 8K the next week and another 5K the following one. Shorter race busy schedule


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