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There are a few running issues that no one likes to talk about.  Today I will talk about one.  Chafing.  I have chafed and blistered before, and I can tell you one thing - I'll do anything to prevent this.

Mickey doesn't like to blister or chafe!

As I've gotten more involved in trail running in preparation for my ultra, we did some research on what 'those guys' use.  You know - the crazy guys that run 100 mile races.  If the typical runner can get bloody nipples during a well-supported half marathon road race, imagine what might happen on 50 plus miles in remote and often harsh conditions - where aid stations are very few and far between. This is how we heard about Trail Toes and Trail Tape.  This stuff is designed for ultra runners. It is made to withstand hours and hours of water, mud, dirt, sweat, and more.  I just had to give it a try!

I was lucky enough to test out both the Trail Toes and the Trail Tape.  I have to say that I put them both through their paces and I am a huge fan.  I have tried a couple of other products in the past and they just couldn't keep up with me.  

My first test for Trail Toes was my Swamp Forest Half Marathon.  I slathered trail toes on my feet to try and avoid blisters and angry toe nails.  I also used some on what I will refer to my "bathing suit area".  While on long training runs, both areas have experienced chafing.  The trail was very wet from the rain, and it continued raining through the race.  The Trail Toes worked like a champ.  My feet were blister free and "my bathing suit area" stayed free of any chafing or irritation as well.  I will spare you pictures of my gross runner feet.

Muddy, wet, and very humid.  No "bathing suit area" chafing or blistered feet!

Following my trail half, I continued to use the Trail Toes on my runs.  I also put some of the Trail Tape on my feet to see if it would hold.  The tape held steady on my feet even through wet trails and humid and hot runs.  I also tested the Trail Tape on my nipples.  Being a larger guy, nipple chafing has been an issue for me.  I have previously been using a product called 'nip guards'. They work well, but each package contains just ten pairs and retails for about $12.  The Trail Tape works just as well for a fraction of the cost and at 10.9 yards per package, I think one box ought to last me for years, if I only use them for my nipples. Suggestion: pre-cut the tape before leaving for a destination race.  Don't be like me, frantically hunting for scissors on race morning.

Trail Toes protected me all throughout the the runDisneyDopey Challenge.  Four races and 48.6 miles and I didn't get a single blister on my feet.  I also found out that Trail Toes can help when you fail to ensure your race gear is ready.  Marathon morning, I woke up and got dressed only to realize that my compression socks had a hole on the heel.  DisneyBride freaked out and tried to talk me into changing into a different pair.  Nope, I decided to put the Trail Toes to the test and just slathered it on my heel.  It could've turned out badly, but to my relief - no issues at all. 

Holey sock, no problem, just add some Trail Toes.

48.6 miles is no problem when your feet feel great!

Probably my biggest test for Trail Toes and Trail Tape came from my 1st ultra marathon.  I ran the Destin Beach Ultra Runs 50K in Destin.  The race is 100% on the beach, features countless water-crossings, wet sand, and the ever changing tide.  One can only imagine what this puts your feet thorough.  I slathered my feet and "bathing suit area" with Trail Toes and protected the nips with Trail Tape.  Further, I left more Trail Toes in my drop bag with fresh shoes and socks at mile 16.

Sand and water was the ultimate test for Trail Toes! It passed!

I reapplied the Trail Toes and Trail tape at mile 16.

After 30 miles of wet sandy feet, not a blister could be found.  My "bathing suit area" was free of issues as well.  You might be laughing about the last comment, but a runner dropped out of the 100 mile race because he had rubbed his "bathing suit area" raw. He used a different term, but this is a family-friendly blog

The combination of saltwater and sand really beat up the feet of far too many runners that weekend.  Once across the finish line, many runners were catering to horrific looking blisters on their feet. I can't help but think that could have been avoided with some Trail Toes.

Wiped out after 31 miles.  My feet may be wet and covered in sand, but I don't have any blisters.

The following week after my ultra, I had another destination race event:  Gasparilla Distance Classic in Tampa, FL.  4 races, 2 days = 30.4 miles in temps that started near freezing and ended in mid 70s plus wicked humidity.  I don't have my race recap up for that one yet. But you bet I was glad to have the Trail Toes and Trail Tape with me.

That's 126.2 miles of races, plus countless training miles that this stuff has come through for me.  

Some final thoughts

Keep some Trail Toes and some Trail Tape in your running bag and in your car.  You never know when you (or someone else) will need it.  Trail Toes cleaned up pretty easily with some soap and warm water.  Don't remove the Trail Tape from your nips until you are in the shower and can loosen the tape with some soap and warm water (learned this one the hard way).

Trail Tape retails for $6.50 on the Trail Toes page.  For $6.50 you almost have a lifetime supply of nipple protection.  This is far cheaper than the method I currently use.  DisneyBride used the Trail Tape on the bra strap area, where she is prone to irritation. She finished all her events (on the beach and on the road) with no issues.

Don't forget, the tape can be applied directly to any part of your skin, including your feet.

Trail Toes comes in a 2oz bottle ($11.99) or in 7 gram single use packet($.99) .  I find the packets to be great for drop bags and for packing for racecations.  

1st prize
2oz bottle of Trail Toes
One box of Trail Tape

Second prize
10-single use packets
Trail Tape sample

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I would love to try the trail toes cream

Anonymous mod

I'd love to try the trail toes cream. I get blisters a lot


I'd love to try the trail toes cream. No matter the distance, I get blisters. And those suckers are brutal!


I'd like to try the trail toes cream, or the tape! I've never heard of this product but am def going to have to look into it more. I'm also neither a trail or ultra runner YET. I have run several marathons (currently working towards a sub-4) and live in the hot muggy (and beautiful) state of Florida... these products might do me good!


These look like they would be awesome for my runner friends! :D (Or me, if I really do decide to pick it back up again--there's an obstacle course race that I'm trying to coerce people to do with me in June! :D ) I'm intrigued by the trail toes cream!


I would love to try the toe trails cream to prevent blisters. They are the worst. I am not yet an ultra runner. I am building myself up to that point. I could use all the help I can get! :)


I'd like the kit - sounds like it covers just about any situation. I get a blister on the bottom of my 4th toe after long runs sometimes so I wrap it before each long run and it helps. Dopey is the closest to an Ultra I've done. Trail running is something I'd like to do more of though, we have a lot of gorgeous trails here in Portland.


I would love to try either product, after developing blisters in the middle of my feet during the Little Rock Marathon it's time to give something besides body glide a serious look at. In the winter months I am on road courses but once spring and summer hit the trails are my home. Looking at doing my first 50k at the end of April.


The tub of trail toes cream would be nice to try during some longer trail races (not quite at the ultra level yet)


Would love to try some trail tape and I think the cream would come in handy for the spartan I have in may.


Oh, I would love to try this!! I have gotten some horrible blisters on any of my long runs (anything over 6 miles) and while I've found that applying Body Glide helps it doesn't always do the job.


My pick would be the portable 7 Gram Single Use Drop Box Packs; since the snow is finally melting, I can't wait to get back to my trails!!


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