Is it time to sign up for #WDWMarathon already?

~Reminiscing about the 2015 Walt Disney World 10K~

Yes kids, it's that magical time of year again.  It may still be 266 days away, but registration time for the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend events is upon us.

Today just before noon, I hung up my "At Lunch" sign outside my office door and sat down with credit card ready.  Early registration for Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members and Disney Parks Annual Passholders (Walt Disney World only) became available today for the 2016 runDisney Walt Disney World Marathon weekend events.  I know, it seems like it was just yesterday that we were there running through the parks, earning our bling, seeing our friends, and eating like we had just run a long distance event.  But the calendar tells us it was over three months ago.  And so - nine months out, it is time to register.

The registration pages were predictably very slow to load and after 10 minutes of trying, I finally got in.  To DisneyGroom's delight, I was able to get him registered for Dopey Challenge #3.  Yes, he is going for a third, and fully intends to keep going... until when, I don't know.  The Dopey Challenge does not hold the appeal for me that it does for him, kind of like marathons and ultras.  Those are his thing. I have other ambitions, at least for now.

Sadly for me, once I got his registration complete, I was too late to register myself for the 10K or the 5K.   I don't have any info on how many race and challenge allotments are designated for early registration, but it can't be too large a number.  So now, I wait.  And like tens of thousands of other hopefuls, in two weeks my fingers will be poised over a keyboard, impatiently pressing refresh, and praying doesn't crash.

If you are on facebook and would like a reminder for registration, feel free to join our event reminder here.  Just set your facebook settings set to alert you on your smartphone or via email, then you will have that reminder and can try to be ready by 12noon EDT.

If this will be your first WDW Marathon Weekend, then you are in for more fun than you can possibly know.  If you are returning, well - then you know what an awesome time it is.

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Anonymous mod

Sorry to hear that you didn't get in... yet! At least Walt is in lol I only went with Goofy for 2016. It's kind of strange to say that I ONLY signed up for the half and full on back-to-back days.


I hope you get in your desired race when registration opens back up. That is the one thing I dislike about Disney races, you have to register so darn early!


The Goofy Challenge is a formidable one, so don't say "only 39.3 miles"! Best of luck with your back to back training. The good thing is you have lots of time to prepare.


Yes, it is super early. Good thing I love to plan! Fingers crossed I get into the 5K and 10K.


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