Who We Are:   
Monica is DisneyBride (DB); and Walt is DisneyGroom (DG).  We live in Florida and visited Walt Disney World as often as we could while we were dating.  It came to be a very special place for us.  So when we got engaged,  we decided to do a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding.  It was a fantastic decision and our wedding day truly was the BEST DAY EVER! We honeymooned Disneymooned on property, and it was a magical and perfect way to start our lives together.  With new Annual Passes burning a hole in our pockets, we escaped to the parks as often as we could.  Our theme was 'To Infinity and Beyond', so to keep that magic going, we are getting fit by training for runDisney events.    

What Started It All:  
This journey had a strange beginning. We were not runners. And worse, we were far from fit.  DB first heard about a limited edition Dooney and Bourke Princess bag in the summer of 2012 and decided she had to have one.  The catch is the purse is only available to Princess Half Marathon runners. (This is before we knew about the expos.)  So DB signs up before knowing what she is getting herself into. She signs up DG too, despite his repeated protests about tutus, tiaras, glitter, and a bib labeled Princess Walt.  The engagement, the planning, theming, decor, wardrobe, and the wedding itself were still fresh in his mind.  Having one Disney Princess was enough, but this would mean being surrounded by over 20,000 Princesses!

In late September 2012, reality sets in.  We have to run 13.1 miles in a few months and there is still the aforementioned little hiccup: we are not runners!  A few half-hearted attempts on a treadmill yielded no gains, and had only shown how unrealistic a 1/2 marathon really was for either of us. Through twitter and facebook, we started finding some information online about the runDisney events.  Excitement slowly replaced anxiety.  We snagged last minute entries to the Jingle Jungle 5K over Wine and Dine weekend, planned our costumes, and had a blast!  Meeting runners of all skill levels, everyone so supportive - whether you are a 5K runner or going Goofy, was truly amazing.  We drank the runDisney kool-aid and became hooked.  Then the training began for real.

What's Next:  
Our journey to the Princess Half, like the journey of so many others, came with a totally new approach and outlook to fitness, and major lifestyle changes.  The enthusiasm has spilled over to entering other races, all with an eye towards improving our runDisney corral placements.  With our first half marathon (Princess 2013) behind us, we set big goals for 2013 and 2014.  In less than two years, DG has graduated to marathons and ultras. DB is a bonafide trail running junkie with an eye on a future Ironman 70.3 triathlon.  And we also enjoy the occasional OCR (obstacle course race) and other themed events. 

Friends and family think we are a little nuts, but that's okay.  If you are reading this, you are probably a member of the runDisney tribe, too. And a little nuttiness is all part of the magic.

See you at the next race!

-Walt and Monica

We are not affiliated with runDisney, or any subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company.  This is a fan site only.  For information about upcoming runDisney events, see the home page at http://www.rundisney.com/

Reach us at: DisneyBrideandGroom AT gmail dot com